LTO 6 Ultrium 2,5-6,25TB Standard Pack label


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LTO 6 Ultrium 2,5-6,25TB Standard Pack label Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 6 media is the latest midrange data storage product to use Fujifilm's advanced NANOCUBIC coating process, which incorporates three Fujifilm proprietary technologies: Nano-particle Technology: Finer particles (30% smaller than metal particle used on LTO-5) Nano-dispersion Technology: Uniform particle dispersion by applying high-dispersed binder. Nano-coating Technology: Improved ultra-thin layer coating to realize an even thinner magnetic layer. Features: Excellent read/write property: By adopting Barium Ferrite, Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 6 cartridge has higher coercivity, lower noise compared to older generations. Over time, the recording head of a well-used drives start to wear down leading to a drop in performance. However, since Fujifilm’s LTO Ultrium 6 cartridge with Barium Ferrite, from a system performance point of view, has more margin compared to metal particle tapes (meas

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