Scientific Calculator SHARP EL-501TBWH, Black/White


125 kr


GENERAL? LARGE 1-LINE LCD DISPLAY, 10+2 DIGITS? 146 BUILT-IN FUNCTIONS? BATTERY POWER? 1 MEMORY OTHERS? Battery: LR54 × 1? Dimensions (mm): 127 × 73 × 13? Weight (g): 68? Color variants: violet / green / white MATHEMATICAL FUNCTIONS? Built-In Functions: 146? 1/x, x², √, %, p? Complex Number Calculation MEMORY? Memory Variables: 1 STATISTIC FUCTIONS? 1-Variable Statistics? Mean, Standard Deviation? nCr, nPr, n!? Random Numbers NOTATION AND DECIMAL PLACES? FSE Display (SCI)? 3-Digit Punctuation TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS? DEG/RAD/GRAD Modes? sin, cos, tan and Inverses? Hyperbolic Functions? Sexagesimal and Decimal Conversions? Rectangular and Polar Coordinates Conversions NUMBER SYSTEMS? Number Systems: DEC, BIN, OCT, HEX, PEN

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